the gold shelf

Monday, 7 April 2014

I've been wanting a shelf/buffet/sideboard for our entrance way since we moved in, somewhere that I could display some of my stuff that looks pretty and wasn't going to cost me a ton. I could not make a decision on a piece, I looked for months. If you didn't know, I am the most indecisive person on the planet. It's a super annoying trait. About a month ago my mother in law brought me some of her Style at Home magazines and there was one home that featured a room with the PERFECT GOLD SHELF and when my heart skipped a beat looking at it, I knew I had to have it. To my complete surprise it was an Ikea shelf, that the homeowner spray painted gold. The next day, that exact shelf was sitting in my garage, thanks to the most amazing hubs. 

Here's the shelf

The shelf is $70.00 in the US

Then I bought this spray paint from Lowes, 2 cans

I am in love with the results!!

 photo GoldShelfWeb-1_zpsb2cc3f5e.jpg 
I gold leafed these terracotta pots, it took under 5 minutes.  photo GoldShelfWeb-2_zpsff68f72f.jpg 
A watercolour print I painted (inspired by the lip print, you know the one)   photo GoldShelfWeb-3_zps2883ea5c.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-4_zpsf97bb003.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-5_zps96a769f4.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-6_zps7f2105b5.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-7_zps8ef2680a.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-8_zpsf4bffc24.jpg
print of my mom from when she worked in advertising  photo GoldShelfWeb-10_zps51d6a6be.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-11_zps31d6e0de.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-12_zps4b59c548.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-13_zps3e77daf5.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-14_zpsa95aa25c.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-15_zps6efcfbab.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-16_zps30b48e83.jpg  photo GoldShelfWeb-17_zpsed7a5f27.jpg
 photo GoldShelfWeb-18_zps217ffee9.jpg 
My sister Mercedes has been here for a week and helped me with the styling of course. Because she's awesome like that and so good at styling...clearly. She also has a matching one in her home, because we're cool like that.
 Thrifted globe and cameras
Horse head & faux sheepskin: Home Sense
Decanter & XOXO pillow: Chapter's/Indigo


  1. What's the name of that color? I love it! And have a few "gold" projects coming up. I have to order online, though, because you can't buy spray paint in chicago!

    1. You can't buy spray paint in Chicago? That's craziness! I'm pretty sure this specific brand only has one Gold :)

  2. Where is the lucite chair from?! Love this!

  3. Hi! I love the post, but could you update the photos again? They are not showing :(


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