Easter 2014 in photos

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Holiday's are always super busy. Since hubs family doesn't live in town, we do some traveling. We spent Saturday afternoon with his family and Sunday with mine. Ellia was not interested in photos, as per usual, and we didn't even get one decent family shot, but it's okay. I'm just going to keep going on thinking it's just a phase and someday she will be all over my photoshoot ideas. Or even a simple family portrait would do.

I'm going to keep it simple, as I do with most holiday posts. Here's just a whole lotta photos...

Easter Saturday with Daddy's family

Easter Sunday


The weather here has still been very chilly, so my plans for some lovely outdoor Easter photos did not happen. The whole purpose of these holiday photos are for our family to be able to see how Ellia has grown and changed over the years AND so that she has something to look back on when she's older. It's a way for me to combined doing what I love and documenting special times in our lives at the same time. I spent about 20 minutes putting this together and another 30 - 40 minutes shooting. It was so fun watching my bunny smile away and eat some chocolate.

gold glitter bow headband: Bub + Bug Studio
Washable paper bag from Ella + Issa

Whew, you made it to the bottom, thanks for looking! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter too!

xox nat


  1. Love these pics!!! I love how you tell a story about your day through photos!! And Ellia, I just love her!!! She is so sweet and pretty and I can't believe how grown up she is! :)

  2. What a beautiful family you have!


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