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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

This past week has been crap. I had a vision in my head of how the week was supposed to go, and it just did not work out. On Thursday, I got a whole bunch of terrible news. My best friends granny passed away, and although I didn't know her that well since she lives in another city, it's still difficult knowing how upset the people you love are. I was also expecting some really great news on that particular day. It didn't happen and it has been devastating. Ellia has been quite sick from a cold, terrible cough and running nose, fever and getting her molars. My mother in law confirmed she now has 10 teeth and 2 more currently coming through. My mom offered to take Ellia in the afternoon to give her lots of cuddles and Nanny loving. When I got home, I had this giant empty hole to fill and sitting at the computer editing was not filling it. I decided to give the kitchen a full scrub down. I literally cleaned just the kitchen for 4 hours, Cinderella style on my hands and knees scrubbing the cupboards and baseboards. Who knew that scrubbing the shit out of a stove with a toothbrush could be so therapeutic?
When the kitchen was spotless, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. And then I ate them while they were warm and gooey. By myself in my super clean kitchen. 

I am still keeping my head high with positive thoughts and energy out into the universe that 2014 will be a great year. 


love day

Monday, 17 February 2014

 Valentine's Day has always held a special place in my heart, pun totally intended. When I was growing up, my parent's always made holiday's extra special. My mom would do a little set up with a few gifts and treats when we were at school and when we came home we would be so excited. My daddy always brought us flowers, which we would each get to put in our room in our own vase. Everyday was full of love, laughter and my parents holding the most incredible connection I have ever seen between two people in my whole life. It's totally cliche to say, but my sister's and I grew up in a household where every single damn day was a love day.

Two years ago, on February 14th, I got the best present yet. Two lines on a pregnancy test. It was something I waited 22 long and difficult months and 1 IUI later for, and there they were. It was my perfect Valentine's Day gift for hubs.

The past month over here has been challenging, a wild roller coaster. There will be more on that later, and a few of you already know what I am talking about ;) I strive to make everyday wonderful, like my mom did for us, but sometimes, it's hard work. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am not a natural at this, I am just trying really freakin hard at it. Some days I win, some days I don't. But I am learning.

Last year I did a little dessert table for Ellia and Lucas and my parents came over for dinner, so we decided to do the same thing this year. I made Whoopie Pies for the first time ever and some donuts. Everything in the photo was something I had around the house, and I made the giant paper balloon with foam core and glittery wrapping paper, which I also had.

And I have to mention my #1 Valentine. The hubs is an incredible, selfless man. I often forget how lucky I am. Because he knows how I have been down this month, he is sending my bestie and I to California for a few days next month. I cried when I opened the card, it was the biggest surprise ever!!! He also made fajitas for dinner, and they were soooo delicious. I am so lucky to have him, he is really everything. 

Here are a few of the photos I took of Ellia a couple days ago and some of our little love day celebration. Ellia hasn't been feeling great either, and was so not interested in photos once Daddy came home, so no family photo this year. That's okay though, she had a little too much chocolate and a few gifts and seemed quite happy all day.

 photo ValentinesDayWeb-1_zps201dd4a3.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-2_zpsd7712344.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-3_zpsa6ba27f6.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-4_zpsd2823510.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-5_zps0a987cae.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-6_zpsb9942bad.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-7_zpsacd90cd1.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-8_zps0bbe6dff.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-9_zps9b00ff7d.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-10_zpsc6bc7e3a.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-11_zps62778a1d.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-12_zps29527144.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-13_zpsdbff1752.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-14_zps28adb747.jpg 
   photo ValentinesDayWeb-15_zpsb2c981a5.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-16_zps4a38f7ed.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-17_zps9475c7f4.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-18_zpse1843f4c.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-19_zps15c1f06e.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-20_zpsa1ee4d0e.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-21_zps8cbe3ded.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-22_zps445088ee.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-23_zps4c0d09c6.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-24_zps2c1b09f3.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-26_zpsb2e4d859.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-27_zps12737a3a.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-28_zps9df2d0cc.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-29_zpsd7baf18c.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-30_zpsbb7139d5.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-31_zpsaed347b0.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-32_zps0ea1d35c.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-33_zps1e309416.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-34_zps6baa963d.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-35_zps3a215128.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-36_zpsdc65365b.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-37_zpsb0be62e8.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-38_zps86bde028.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-39_zps3e643d6f.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-40_zps7cbbf81f.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-41_zpsc1142ebf.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-42_zps4a0edbb3.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-43_zps6d8d8738.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-44_zpse6fd8e29.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-45_zpscd0c5384.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-46_zps9e204ed9.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-47_zpsf5dce9d9.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-48_zps6c9a984a.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-49_zps0fe3b9da.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-50_zps081bda13.jpg  photo ValentinesDayWeb-51_zps240e1e6b.jpg

Our mini Valentine's Day shoot

 photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-5_zpsa6d2a371.jpg
 photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-19_zps49c5358c.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-21_zps230aea73.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-22_zps82b5b3e5.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-13_zps9eb2f207.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-17_zps65014c01.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-12_zpsd7660809.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-15_zps3e3c4a8e.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-16_zps3a743836.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-11_zps790c0313.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-14_zps5f5e5ca3.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-8_zps47c09b0b.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-10_zps62b4d70b.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-9_zpsfa9b1d01.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-7_zps18f953a5.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-3_zpse0f3d40c.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-4_zps2708eca5.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2014WEB-6_zpsd61eeb98.jpg
Gorgeous headbands from Bub + Bug Studio

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