Mexico 2014

Saturday, 1 February 2014

It all kind of feels surreal now, that last week at this time I was in Mexico. Hubs surprised me with a last minute trip down south, and oooh let me tell you, it was perfect and very much needed. I didn't get a chance to travel while pregnant or go to our good friends wedding in Punta Cana last January because Ellia was just a wee little thing and watching the wedding via FaceTime just wasn't the same. I missed the palm trees, sandy beaches and turquoise waves. We are so lucky that my parents agreed to watching Ellia at our home, she was absolutely perfect for them and our little Skype dates were so cute. 

Mexico 2014 in photos, taken and edited with my iPhone.

Day 1 

Kelly organized a limo to pick us up, as per usual. Who wants to drive on the group bus when you could drive in a less than glamourous very large suv limo thing? Boys had their first cervesa and the girls had some Grey Goose of course. 
 I was completely smitten with our room, definitely one of the nicest resort rooms we have stayed in.
 Our dear friends opted for a room upgrade, the master suite was insane. It was gigantic, with a view to die for, floor to ceiling windows, a kitchen and a huge patio with a jacuzzi tub.
Since it was super cloudy and windy, we decided to spend most of our time down on the beach bar and had so much fun chatting and having some drinks. 

Day 2
Day two was rather chilly, but honestly perfect. I read "The Language of Flowers" from front to back in a little hut overlooking the ocean and watching the rain pour down around me. We had delicious room service and drinks at the swing bar again. That night we went out for dinner and it was so good too!

Day 3. 

Went a little something like this...
And why yes, I was that girl taking poolside selfies, in case you were wondering. Amongst the selfies,  I also read another book from start to finish.

Day 4

Day four started out with a morning hour long walk along the beach. It was so hot and gorgeous out, I knew it was going to be a perfect day. 

Day 5

Day 5

Well, it's official, best vacay ever! Next year we are hoping to bring Ellia :)

xoxo Nat

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