happy Mexico

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I've felt so much peace and happiness while in Mexico so far.  It has been an incredible trip, and with only one day left, I feel so wonderful and ready to get home to see my baby. It has been good for my heart, for my soul, body, mind and everything else. I have started and finished two novels and a Kinfolk magazine. I have walked down the beach, swam, ate well (eggs, pizza, fries, pizza, nachos, guac, pizza) spend time alone, spent time with Lucas, drank daquires at the bar on a swing, napped, watched the sunrise and so much more. It was exactly what I needed before we start on our new journey next month. 2014 has been a kick ass year already...here's to hoping the awesomeness trend continues. 

xoxo nat


  1. The awesomeness trend will continue! Well deserved trip:)

  2. Gorgeous…you and the beach! Good luck next month ;)


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