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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

If you've been here before, you probably notice that things are a little different. If you're new, well hey, and welcome! We will get to more about this change shortly.

As I have mentioned a number of times over the past year, 2013 in a nutshell was a crazy, overwhelming, yet wonderful year. There were lots of ups, and many downs. Tons of tears and loads of smiles. I learned a lot of things about patience and regret. I experienced moments of great love, laughter and happiness, but there were also many moments of flaw, and doubt. When I look back at 2013, it's pretty much a messy, beautiful blur.

I have decided instead of making resolutions, I am going to make goals. It sounds so much less serious, doesn't it? And maybe I won't fell so bad if I fail miserably at them.

30 Fun & Fabulous Goals for 2014

1. Put up a gallery wall in the stairway
2. Finish Ellia's One Year Scrapbook & 52 weeks of Ellia photobook
3. Eat MUCH healthier
4. Go for bicycle rides in Spring-Fall
5. Take Ellia camping
6. Write in my journal more frequently
7. Finish my work website
8. Take Ellia to playgroup, swimming lessons, gymnastics and other activities
9. Go on a mini vacation with just me and Lucas
10. Organize all of my crafting and other "things"
11. Finish Ellia's playroom AND bedroom
12. Put a gym in the basement and actually use it
13. Blog more often
14. Answer emails quicker
15. Do more styled shoots
16. Take Ellia to the zoo
17. Do a free giveaway for a photo session
18. Go to bed early
19. Make homemade pasta
20. Host a housewarming party
21. Talk to my friends more often
22. Buy more clothes for me that I love
23. Start juicing so I actually eat veggies/do a juice cleanse
24. Have another baby
25. Learn a new craft
26. Drink more water
27. Cook dinner for Lucas and I, not just Ellia
28. Send out packages (finally)
29. Do more educational activities with Ellia and read more books
30. Be ridiculously happy and grateful

I have also thought of 3 words that I want to represent 2014.


Each of these things is important to me for a different reason, and I won't bore you with the details :)

So you may be wondering why I decided to change my blog name. Well, even though I often do have glitter in my eyes, both literally and metaphorically, it isn't always glitter and sunshine. And let's be serious, it was a little long and maybe a bit cryptic. I did want to keep the glitter part, for the obvious reason that I love it and it's awesome and I want to include all of my girls. So 'Glitter & the Girls' it is! Maybe someday I'll have to add a little guy in there somewhere, who knows.
If you would like to follow along, that would be totally rad. I lost all of my bloglovin peeps (sorry guys!!!) with the name change. If you don't that's totally cool too. I write this blog for myself, my family and all the other amazing people that I have met that are actually interested in my ramblings and life. 

Last thing, promise. I want to thank everyone that I have met in 2013, both in person and online/Instagram. I love a lot of you so much and am so grateful to have met you and be a part of YOUR life. So thank you.

xoxo Nat


  1. Good luck to your goals. I love the new blog title and design.

  2. Love the new name! Your goals are sooo similar to mine! I literally want to copy and paste them into my iPad lol. (Except 24, so not ready but I really hope I see another beautiful Spencer baby this year!!) This is such a great post and you inspire me everyday!!! Ps- I'm doing a cleanse right now and it is terrible!!! I must have no self control because I made it through three shakes yesterday and caved and had to eat real food. Of course I instantly regretted it and I am starting over today. Lol! Love you girl!

  3. Love everything about this post, love the goals and the honesty. I decided to do the same this year as well instead of resolutions make goals and aspirations. I really hope that we see another baby this year too! Ellia is soo perfect and will be the best big sister. I love that instagram helped me find you and you're beautiful family! Such a wonderful thing :)


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