Weekend + Monday adventure

Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday again, ugh the weekends are too short in my opinion. Friday night I met some girlfriends downtown and we had a delicious meal and drinks. I was home super early, nothing crazy :) Saturday we didn't do much, it was a nice relaxing day. Sunday I had an engagement session and was downtown again! The couple got engaged at the National Arts Center during a Nutcracker performance, and we received permission to go back there and take a couple of photos! Due to privacy reasons, I won't be able to share those photos, which is kinda a bummer since they are quite epic and my bride even brought her own pointe shoes!

She found my lollipop, opened the box and started eating it within a matter of moments. She only had a few licks (distraction tactic) and then I took it away. Which, let me tell you, she was not overly happy about. 

Anyways, today my mom, Ellia and I decided to go to Ikea. I needed a few things for the house and my mom did too, so it was perfect. It was above zero today (42F) which is felt like Spring compared to the horrible, awful temperatures we have been experiencing.

I cannot wait to re-pot these beauties! Now I am off to dip dye some curtains for the kitchen. Wish me luck, I have NO idea how/if they will turn out. 

xoxo Nat


  1. Oh my goodness!! Ellia looks so big and tall and pretty! Loving those plants.

  2. E is a doll! I wish you could post photos from the engagement shoot! I did pointe for 8 years!!

    1. You did!!?!? Ahh that's so fun!! I danced for years but never pointe, wish I had! I also wish I could post them, they are pretty gorgeous in the theater!

  3. I'm obsessed with ikea. I'm also obsessed with Ellia. Just thought that was an interesting coincidence:)


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