Thursday, 9 January 2014

Today was a great mail day!

 I have been following Spearmint Baby Blog for awhile now, and when I came across Shari on Instagram and saw her gorgeous cross blankets in PINK I knew I had to have one for Ellia's big girl room! Shari sent me the blanket from her shop, and it really is more gorgeous in person. If you haven't had a chance to check out this blog, you definitely should! Tons of gorgeous inspiration and pretty little things. The shop has the cutest clothes, accessories and so much more loveliness. Ellia was kind of obsessed with it too, girlfriend has good taste already ;)

 My future assistant right there. 

And hey, I actually took out my big girl camera and took some photos!!

As you can see, chick won't sit still for anyone. Things used to distract her include, but are not limited to, my cell phone, my water bottle my D700 and her new blanket! Also, please take note that everything I own is pink. Literally. 

I am so excited to finish Ellia's room! I am mid painting some furniture and designing her gallery wall! Can't wait to see this blanket in the room!

Thanks again Shari, it's perfect!!

xo Nat


  1. I neeeeeed that blanket!!!! Your pictures nat are amazing. Xx

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. So fun to watch Ellia grow up!


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