pool time

Friday, 28 June 2013

Yesterday, we actually had a day that it was NOT raining. Can I get a WOOHOO over here?!!
I decided to take Dolly over to my parents backyard and try out the new blowup kiddy pool Nanny and Nonno bought her. She has loved the bath since day 1 and also really enjoyed the pool while we were in California. Well, she LOVED the kiddy pool of course. She spent a long time, kicking, crawling around, going from side to side and dunking her face. Yes, you read that right, she kept dunking her face in and the licking the water all off her lips and dunking again. The first couple of times I freaked out and grabbed her up, but she kept doing it. It was quite the sight. Unfortunately I had left my iPhone in the house or I would have Instagram videoed that for sure. And no one was home to witness. But I swear it actually happened.

Anyways, it has been pouring rain again all day, and this long weekend it's supposed to do the same. Wahhhhh. Happy Friday regardess!

A little face dunk action...


8 months & 28 years

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 20th is probably one of my favourite days. I have always loved having a summer birthday, like really loved it. My childhood parties always consisted of crafts, lots of delicious food, friends, camping in the backyard under the stars and most likely swimming and lounging outside. While I was in high school, it typically included an exam or two, but those days are long gone. I also love the fact that it is half way to Christmas, the presents are evenly spread out over the year,  what more could you want?!

Well, not much has changed. Other than now I have the most beautiful, happy, perfect human being to share it with and I am hanging out on a few fancy shmancy boats and having some adult beverages instead of Kool Aid.

(yes, I did photoshop the balloon purple if you must know)

All of these photos were taken with my crappy iPhone because guess who brought her camera and forgot that both batteries were at home charging? Yup, you guessed right, me.  
As per tradition, my mom invited over the usual peeps (grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin, besties...you get the picture) and Lucas drove all the way to Toronto to pick up Mercedes (and our new really awesome bathtub) and brought her home! We had a typical 5 course meal which included my fav fresh homemade manacotti, and ice cream cake. 
As you can see from the photos, my poor baby has not been feeling well. She was such a good girl for the party although I'm sure she was wishing she was at home snuggling with me instead. 

Friday morning we left for the cottage. We met up with some friends for a couple of apps and drinks at the bar and then off we went. When we arrived the first thing we did was hop aboard a friends yacht, yes, I'm going with the word yacht here. This thing is amazeballs. Like 3 levels, with TVs, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, disco lights...you know, all the essentials.  huge and ridiculous. Larger than some peoples houses kinda big. Anyways, we cruised around then went back and just had a super fun night hanging out by the water. 

supermoon sparkling on the water was so pretty

Saturday was a humid and rainy day. Our good friends bought a new boat, so we spent some time on that, ate lots of food, hung out on the covered porch while it poured rain and relaxed. It was great.
view from the back of the boat into the fog
It was the first time leaving our baby for 2 nights! I missed her soooooo much, but she was a little angel and my parents and sisters had an amazing time looking after her. 

Such a great weekend. Thank you to everyone who sent me super sweet texts, calls, emails and messages. You guys rock my sandals off. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I am writting yet another post today...how unbloggerly of me. I apologize in advance. Dolly is on her 3rd hour of napping, because she isn't feeling well and hasn't been sleeping the greatest at night, so I have to do this stuff when I can. Ya know?

I love the process of building a new house. I hate moving. I have moved homes quite a few times in my 28 years. My parent's built and sold and built and sold. We lived in the same home for 11 years while we were all growing up and then the building and moving commenced. It was fun though, seeing it go up, a new house, a new adventure. It wasn't a huge, life changing adventure, considering we never moved out of our lovely little town and didn't have to change schools once. Which us girls much appreciated.

While Lucas and I were planning our wedding, we were also in the process of building our first house. Lucas designed it and contracted it out. He was there a couple times a day to oversee everything. He did an amazing job. The house had 4 bedrooms and I had lots of hopes to have a beautiful nursery in there. That never happened. We moved out of the house and stayed with my parents for a bit, bought a lot (which we will be building on in a couple years), moved into a little rental, had a baby, and are now building another home.

We knew what we wanted to change from the last home. I definitely wanted the kitchen to be WHITE, and the floors to be waaaaay lighter. Those damn dark wood floors look pretty, but sure are a pain in the ass to clean. I spent most of my day with a mop and hardwood spray in hand, because you could see every damn footprint and piece of dust. And the entire house was hardwood. So it took a long time. I am a lover of LIGHT and WHITE and although this house was nice, it was far too dark for my liking.

The NEW house is well underway. We should be in by August 1st, which is both awesome and terrifying. I have a lot to do before than.

The street. I LOVE it! We have never had friendly neighbours and this made me sad, because I love meeting new people and making friends. Our last home, and this one, no one wanted to be a part of that. I'm not too sure why.   I have already met quite a few of the neighbours here and they are SO NICE and inviting! We even received an invite for a Saturday Mojito party. I think we will fit in perfectly. 
We are also going to have a much larger property and a big fenced in back yard for Piper to run around and for me and Dolly to play. 

Since the one thing that we are changing quite a bit is the kitchen, we need a new table and chairs and a few other things. The old one...

We bought it well before we were married, over 4 years ago, and since I had never lived on my own, I didn't really know what I liked. I sure do now.

Chairs and table from Zone
Stainless farmhouse sink
Kenmore fridge/freezer

What is your favourite room in your home? Mine is probably not the kitchen, since I fail quite miserably in the cooking department. That gene skipped past me, which sucks.  I do enjoy a nice looking kitchen for when I am baking though ;)

Cali Part I

We left for Cali on Monday May 27th. Ellia was an angel and slept almost the whole time. The first flight was 1.5 hours and the second 6.5. It was a long day. All 7 of us piled into the Suburban we rented and off we went to meet Mercedes and her boyfriend TJ who were already there. 

We did a lot of relaxing and hanging out in the pool and hot tub. We ate a lot of delicious food and went shopping.  It was glorious. 

Poor Ellia was a little off with the whole 3 hour time difference and woke up A LOT during the night. It's okay, we were in paradise and everyone was playing with her and helping out during the day. She loved the pool and basically sang and danced with her Auntie Mercedes the whole time. 

I didn't take too many photos, which always annoys me when I get home. When your full time job is holding a (really heavy) camera all day, sometimes you just want to put it down and give it a break. Well, I do anyways. Here are some of my favs from the first few days.

My daddy in the pool is huge, he hates water and can't swim (even though he always had a pool growing up)
OMGEEEE I LOVE this place...wish we had one.
 Okay guys, that's enough of a photo overload for one day. But stay tuned for some lame photos of our mini photoshoot. Also, the day that we got to meet a lovely Instagram friend and her gorgeous little lady.

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