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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 20th is probably one of my favourite days. I have always loved having a summer birthday, like really loved it. My childhood parties always consisted of crafts, lots of delicious food, friends, camping in the backyard under the stars and most likely swimming and lounging outside. While I was in high school, it typically included an exam or two, but those days are long gone. I also love the fact that it is half way to Christmas, the presents are evenly spread out over the year,  what more could you want?!

Well, not much has changed. Other than now I have the most beautiful, happy, perfect human being to share it with and I am hanging out on a few fancy shmancy boats and having some adult beverages instead of Kool Aid.

(yes, I did photoshop the balloon purple if you must know)

All of these photos were taken with my crappy iPhone because guess who brought her camera and forgot that both batteries were at home charging? Yup, you guessed right, me.  
As per tradition, my mom invited over the usual peeps (grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin, besties...you get the picture) and Lucas drove all the way to Toronto to pick up Mercedes (and our new really awesome bathtub) and brought her home! We had a typical 5 course meal which included my fav fresh homemade manacotti, and ice cream cake. 
As you can see from the photos, my poor baby has not been feeling well. She was such a good girl for the party although I'm sure she was wishing she was at home snuggling with me instead. 

Friday morning we left for the cottage. We met up with some friends for a couple of apps and drinks at the bar and then off we went. When we arrived the first thing we did was hop aboard a friends yacht, yes, I'm going with the word yacht here. This thing is amazeballs. Like 3 levels, with TVs, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, disco lights...you know, all the essentials.  huge and ridiculous. Larger than some peoples houses kinda big. Anyways, we cruised around then went back and just had a super fun night hanging out by the water. 

supermoon sparkling on the water was so pretty

Saturday was a humid and rainy day. Our good friends bought a new boat, so we spent some time on that, ate lots of food, hung out on the covered porch while it poured rain and relaxed. It was great.
view from the back of the boat into the fog
It was the first time leaving our baby for 2 nights! I missed her soooooo much, but she was a little angel and my parents and sisters had an amazing time looking after her. 

Such a great weekend. Thank you to everyone who sent me super sweet texts, calls, emails and messages. You guys rock my sandals off. 


  1. Seriously fab birthday!! Dolly looks as stunning as ever and so do you hot momma!!!!! Xoxo

  2. My birthday is June 20th. My daughter was due June 18th but she decided May 24th was better. Victoria Day lol.


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