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Friday, 28 June 2013

Yesterday, we actually had a day that it was NOT raining. Can I get a WOOHOO over here?!!
I decided to take Dolly over to my parents backyard and try out the new blowup kiddy pool Nanny and Nonno bought her. She has loved the bath since day 1 and also really enjoyed the pool while we were in California. Well, she LOVED the kiddy pool of course. She spent a long time, kicking, crawling around, going from side to side and dunking her face. Yes, you read that right, she kept dunking her face in and the licking the water all off her lips and dunking again. The first couple of times I freaked out and grabbed her up, but she kept doing it. It was quite the sight. Unfortunately I had left my iPhone in the house or I would have Instagram videoed that for sure. And no one was home to witness. But I swear it actually happened.

Anyways, it has been pouring rain again all day, and this long weekend it's supposed to do the same. Wahhhhh. Happy Friday regardess!

A little face dunk action...


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  1. I love everything about your fun pool day! Love the pool, the umbrella, the swimsuit oh and of course dolly ;) I wish we could have a pool day with the girls because H does the same crazy head dunks!! Where do they learn these things lol!!


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