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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lately I feel like I am just floating along. I think that's what Fall does to me. The hot days of summer are long gone,  replaced with trees that rain colourful leaves, cool weather with a brisk but fresh air, and the promise of winter soon to follow. I'm pretty sure that I am currently in a Vegas hangover, and not the kind that involves drinking, because I didn't really do much of that.  The thought that last week I was surrounded by sunshine, cotton candy sunsets and palm trees really does give me a warm feeling of contentment and happiness.

I am in a constant state of having much to do, but the days pass too quickly. Playing house with my girl, laundry, dirty floors, emails and editing consume most of my time. I have a ton of things I want to share on here, my birthday (which was totally rad and 4 months ago), the fair, Thanksgiving, and of course Ellia's birthday, but moments like this sitting at the computer are few and far between. I want to read and comment on all of my favourite blogs and support my favourite mommy's, but typically a quick run through and photo scan is all I can muster. Since having Ellia, I've become an accidental procrastinator and am lacking in time management skills. Being home with her everyday (minus two days a week now, in which she attends daycare) is such a privilege and a joy, but also doesn't allow for other things like working, cleaning, and time to myself. I think I will forever be in a state of trying to find balance.

And because it's part of who I am, capturing a moment in time is so important to me, and having images to portray thoughts and feelings is kind of my jam, I had my lovely and talented sister take a few photos of me one afternoon. 

And sometimes I just need to shake it off. The judgement of others, passive aggressive behavior and comments and negativity have no place around here.

xox nat

Vegas 2014 // iPhone journal

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's no surprise that I love traveling, especially when it involves going south towards the west coast. The purpose of our trip to Las Vegas was to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of Kronenbourg 1664 Beer. Hubs is a partner in a few pubs, and one of the perks is traveling for various events, which typically do not include the ladies, but we got lucky this time and were invited! Two of our friends, who we have traveled with quite often were on the trip as well and the four of us decided to extend our trip by one day. 4 nights was the perfect amount of time for Vegas, we had a great little getaway!

We left Sunday first thing in the morning, our first flight from Ottawa to Montreal was a quick 22 minutes and our second flight was delayed 3 hours for "scheduled maintenance." We got some food vouchers and had a little meal while we waited. I also bought two books since I decided this was going to be a no work trip, the first was 'Burying Water' by K.A. Tucker and the second 'Crazy for the Storm' a memoir by Norman Ollestad. Both which I finished by day 3, because that's how I roll. Our first stop was In-N-Out, obviously. It had been months since any of us had it, and our lovely driver didn't think we were that crazy inhaling our burgers and fries on the ride to the hotel. We were put up in the Paris hotel, because France is where the Kronenbourg Brewery was first started in 1664. We left Ottawa and it was 2 degrees (35F) and arrived in Vegas to a very sweet 31 (88F), I was in heaven. That evening we went on the High Roller ride, which was incredible. The view was AMAZING! Then we went to a pub and ate a whole lotta yummy pub food. 

And this photo pretty much sums up the night...!

Monday the rest of the group arrived, but there wasn't much going on. We did the pool again and that evening went to N9NE Steakhouse for dinner with our Carlsburg rep. A few fancy bottles of wine and a delicious meal later we were going to go out to a club but decided to go hang out at the lobby bar instead, which I was super happy about. 

Tuesday was the big Kronenbourg 1664 party. We had cocktails at the Sugar Factory in the Paris hotel, and then up to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant for a 5 course meal. It was so good and I went up a bit early to get the table with a view! So pretty and the water show at the Bellagio was so fun to watch all through dinner. Then there was a little after party at a bar in The LINQ, which was a really cool spot.

Wednesday was Cirque du Soleil Mystere with some of the group. I spent most of the day at the pool again, I could literally sit in the sun/pool all day long. Sometimes doing nothing, just reading and relaxing is the best. Mystere was incredible. I am so in awe of the talent of each performer, it was seriously so good. 

Thursday the plane took off at noon and we got home around 10pm. On the way home we stopped at the pub for some food since we hadn't eaten in 10+ hours. It was such a good trip, but I missed my girl so much. She was in daycare most days and spent the rest of the time with my parents who are still living with us (their house should be ready soon!!) and they leave for Mexico on Sunday, so they wanted to get in a lot of Ellia time.

xox nat
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