Cali Part II

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Part II, finally! All of my Cali photos are on our MacBook Pro, which hubs takes to work almost everyday, so that is why it is taking me sooo long to blog about our wonderful trip!

We decided to go and visit my best friend Katie's Dad and Step Mom in Dana Point. I really wanted to show everyone where I have been spending the past decade worth of California vacations, and of course wanted to see the awesome people who have let us crash at their amazing place. 

We walked around the Dana Point Harbor and enjoyed one of the first really sunny days.

 Saturday was one of the best days. I had my very first Instagram meet up!! I had been talking with Danielle, one of my fav IG mama's and we decided to meet up at the beach. I was so looking forward to meeting her and her gorgeous little lady, Berlyn.  Danielle was sweet enough to drive in to meet us for the day, and of course it took a million years to find each other, but it was definitely worth it. We decided to head to Pacific Beach, were we are staying, since I kind of knew the area. We first went and had lunch and chatted. Berlyn and I both had grilled cheese, one of the reasons I love this chick, and we shared my fries. Then we went and meet with Mercedes and headed to the beach. There we did some more chatting, took some photos, Ellia had a nap, Berlyn went from hating the sand to liking it,  and going through my diaper bag, which I'm sure was super fun since it was packed to the brim!
Then the REAL photoshoots began..that's for an entirely other post really, but here's a few good ones...
such a babe, eh
Mercedes wanted some photos of her and TJ, so we ran off while Danielle, B and Lucas hung out and waited.
TJ took a few of us...
Aren't these two so cute?!

Then we attempted to get photos of the girls together. 
 There were a couple friendly smooches, which was way to sweet...
and I think it's safe to say it was an wonderful day. Danielle and Berlyn, thank you for meeting up with us, hopefully we get to hang out again someday.

Part III coming soon.



  1. Oh my gosh! The pics came out amazing! The ones of the girls are absolutely adorable and you have such an eye for taking beautiful pictures. Can't wait til the next time we get to meet up, friend! XOXO

  2. This makes my heart so happy! Love seeing you and Danielle together and of course those beautiful babes together!!!! So. in. Love!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Beautiful beautiful pictures!!! California looks like paradise, and it's so fun to see IG mamas & minis together!!! I hope we can meet sometime soon :)


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