Ellia's Nursery

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Well, it's quite ironic that the day we move out, is the day that I am posting Ellia's nursery. A year ago,  I was pregnant and moving into a townhouse that we were renting for a year. I was really pregnant and we needed somewhere to live. So we rented this place, less than ideal, but hey, it was a new home that was clean and a great location. I knew that I wanted to decorate a special room for Ellia, even though her room was tiny, carpeted a poop colour that was not my favourite and we would only be there for a year.
At the time I was obsessed with chevron, and it wasn't overly popular. My Father-In-Law offered up his mad chevron mapping out skills and it took him many hours to tape it all up. It turned out perfect and more incredible then I could have imagined. I wanted the colours to be soft and pretty and the room to be super girly.

Most of the items in the room were thrifted and refinished. My mom and sister found the vintage dresser for $15 at a community garage sale, the bookshelf, mirror, little mint glass cabinet, and picture frames for the gallery wall were all thrifted finds I had collected over the months since finding out I was pregnant. One of the first things that I made was Stella, the paper mache unicorn. I love her to pieces. I also made a bunch of the prints for her gallery wall, and the others were artworks by various artists from my favourite magazine, Frankie.  I always wanted the Oeuf Sparrow Crib and was over the moon when my parents offered to buy it for us as a gift. Overall I think the room turned out pretty cute, and it will definitely hold a special place in my heart.

And that's it! I still love it, a lot, but am looking forward to making Ellia's room a little more big girl. Hubs surprised us with the best bedroom set, minus the very bright colours, and I cannot wait to refinish it and put the room together. So.many.ideas.

xoxo Nat


  1. This nursery is incredible. It's so beautiful and special. She's going to treasure the photos of her first room when she grows up. I can't wait to see what you do with her new room. I have no doubt that it'll be spectacular.

  2. Omgsh!! I'm smitten! What a beautiful nursery!! Wonderful job mommy!

  3. Her nursery is stunning!!!! I could go on for days about all the little details that I am in LOVE with!!! She is so lucky to have such a great mommy like you!!! Love you girls!! Can't wait to see her big girl room!! xoxo

  4. Such a lovely Nursery. So feminine.

  5. oh my gracious how did you make the unicorn?? I am obsessed. Seriously the room is tdf but I need details on that fabulous mystical creature. lol

  6. How did you make the wreath on the wall?


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