9 months old

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I can't believe my baby is 9 months old!! Time used to move so slowly, and now it's just flying by.

Height - 30in (98th%) The doctor said she is off the charts and predicts she will be very tall.
Weight - 20lbs (60th%)

Loves: cheese, crawling, fake coughing, dancing & music, squealing, cell phones, bath time, playing outside, standing and walking around everything, short naps, waving, the dogs, walks, car rides, drinking from a straw and her aunties.

Dislikes: sleeping, chicken, diaper changes, when no one pays attention to her, sitting still, washing her face, the word no

Since we are in the midst of moving, Dolly has decided she would rather not nap, or sleep through the night anymore. We are staying in my parents basement for a few weeks until our house is finished, and our whole schedule has been thrown off. That's ok, we are only here for a few weeks and hopefully she will get right back into our routine once we move in.


  1. She is to die!!! Ahhh can't handle how adorable your pictures are!

  2. I love that E has a fake cough...Sophia has one too :) Where do these kids learn stuff like that haha?!


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