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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

This post is about hair. My hair, more specifically. I have naturally, very thick, very curly hair. It pretty much looked like this since I was born to all through high school...
 Ignore the rediculous looking facial expression, sweet Roxy watch and headband, we're focusing on the hair here. Also, I was pretty blondish for a lot of the high school years. 

Anyways, as I was saying, long, curly and thick. Then one day when I was in grade 12, I was offered a job to get my hair done for a print ad. I said yes. Probably one of the worst experiences ever. The guy tied up my hair (pictured above) and cut off the ponytail and handed it to me. I was mortified. To make the situation even worse, he dyed it red with pink highlights. No joke friends. My hair never was the same after that. That is the moment that the straightening began, back in 2002. I got the fanciest flat iron on the market, because I did not want to look like a poodle with a bad dye job. I had never had short hair before and hated it so much. 

Since having Ellia, I have suffered from severe postpartum hair loss. It's thinned to the point where I literally have patches with no hair, it's cut off and broken and continues to get shorter, the frizz is out of control, it comes out in handfuls when I wash it, and I've honestly had enough. 

I've decided that it's time for mission rejuvenate hair. It needs it. I need it. I don't ever leave my hair curly unless I am on vacation because 1-humidity and straight hair is not my friend 2-who wants to spend 2 hours straightening when you could be on the beach soaking in the sun, or basically doing anything else. 

Not to mention, I don't want to spend 2 hours doing my hair anymore and when it's all done it looks like crap anyways. Let's just say, extension have been a good friend of mine for awhile. I just use the clip in ones and only if I'm going out, which clearly isn't often these days. 

So I've decided I need to give my hair a break from the chemicals, heat and damage I have been doing to it. I need to leave it curly. But here's the thing, I refuse to leave it curly the way it is, becausae let's face it, it is scary. I have been doing a ton of research and have realized I have been doing the curly hair thing allllll wrong.  So this is week one of my curly hair trial. 

I tried this method. This girls hair is amazing!!
I made the stuff she mentions, it's kind of gross but 100% natural so I thought I should try it. 

Then I used the "plopping" method. Yes, that is a thing. I look good, I know. 
And well, here are trial #1 results. My hair looks thin and crappy, but better than normal. I'll keep at it for now. 
If anyone has tips or tricks for growing out hair, or a good sulfate free shampoo, please let me know!

xox nat


  1. I'm also on a hair reconstruction journey. I love DevaCurl - One Condition and No-Poo products. Check out SunKissAlba YouTube channel. I watched one of her videos a few months ago and inspired me to embrace my curls and begin a healthy hair journey. I have very thick, kinky curly hair. postpartum hair loss has also been cruel to me! I literally loose 1000+ hairs a day!!! Using healthier hair products has helped the hair loss a bit. SunKissAlba has great tips and recently posted a DIY Hair recovery masque. All the products she uses are 100% natural. Good luck with Mission Curly!!

  2. I have heard GREAT things about regrowth for hair with Arbonne (I know, I know). I haven't tried it myself, but it's sulfate free and helps bring back thickness (apparently).

  3. Hey girl! My bestie does "no poo" and we recently recorded a She Said video about her no chemical hair process. She's editing it now so we will prob post it today or tomorrow but maybe it will help? She doesn't have curly hair but this method has helped in eliminate chemicals and bring her hair back to a naturally, beautiful state. Thought it might help! I think you're gorgeous, even would be as a poodle. ;) Xoxo (oh and our IG is @shesaidshesaidgirls and website is shesaidshesaidgirls.com.)


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