Ellia's 1st Easter Hunt 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Well, my sister Mercedes has done it again. She wanted to make a little video of Ellia with her first real Easter hunt. Ellia was more excited about the eating of the chocolate part, but she did such a good job with her hunt too!

Some of the video was filmed by Mercedes' boyfriend because Ellia clearly only wanted to hunt with Mercedes, her favourite person, by her side. Thanks TJ!! I just love having these mini clips of special events that have happened in our lives, I will cherish them forever.

music: Love - Lennon & Maisy

The two that made it happen...

Our Easter in photos coming soon!

xo nat


  1. I love you all. That is all. xo

  2. B had his first this year too he loved it!

    1. So fun watching them collecting all the eggs! xo

  3. ahhh! this video is soooo cute! and those eggs were so pretty! loved the designs.


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