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Thursday, 25 April 2013

This past week, my sister Mercedes,  the brains and creativity behind Darling and Daisy (well one of them, anyways), was staying with us. A few weeks ago she hosted an incredible event called Lovestruck Expo. It was such a success and we had a ton of fun with it. We recently decided that a mini re-brand was in order. So Mercedes came to visit from Toronto, and we spent the entire week working. Working, and designing. Working and laughing, and dancing obnoxiously with Ellia. Working and playing and making big decisions. Working and planning/designing/hosting a 6 month mini unicorn party for Ellia. And working, did I mention that yet? 

Here's just a little peek at one of the 3 parties we designed for Lovestruck. More on that to come. 

I am by no means a graphic designer, just a girl with some Photoshop skills, lots of creatively brewing around and a sister with kick ass ideas. So when she suggested we design a whole new website, I, of course, said yes. And in true darling and daisy fashion, we designed from scratch, a fresh new brand for d&d. 

I drew up this button for the website, meet the girls. Anyone who knows us, will truly appreciate it and the humour of the illustrations. Mom, with the crazy flipped out hair and glasses, Mer with a top knot and giant bow, and me all dolled with curled hair.

Just a little peek at the new site!

And then there was the unicorn party. A FULL post to come on that awesomeness soon. 
 For now, just a photo of the little set up and my wonderful girl enjoying it all. 

And the cheesy designer shot, too.

xoxo nat


  1. You girls are all so talented. Love E's little shoot!

  2. I love this Natalie! You ladies are so so talented. What fun it must be to work with family. Come design Sophia's party ;)


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