52 Weeks of Ellia - the first 24 weeks

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I made a decision before Ellia was born, to take a photo of her every week, for the first year of her life. I am already completely surprised how much she has changed, and how quickly it happens. I want her to be able to look back at these photos and see it all for herself. I plan on making a book at the very end of her first year.  I still adore my baby book, looking at it makes me happy. Unlike my weekly belly photos, I vowed to keep this up. So far, so good. 
From here on out, I will post the photo weekly and a little update about what she's up to. Every night since she was born, I have written in a journal, so don't worry, nothing up until this point will be forgotten, well undocumented. Mama brain is the worst sometimes. 



  1. I start so many photography projects and I never finished them! sigh…do it before you have more kids!! It's never ending….

  2. I LOVE this!!! She is so perfect. I wish I had done this too!!

  3. This is so amazing that you did this!!! I wish I would have because I feel like I can't remember anything! Love your blog Nat!!


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