hi. it's been awhile & maternity photos

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Before I can move forward with the millions of posts I want to write, I must say something. I didn't have a chance to keep this blog going while I was pregnant. Even thought I REALLY wanted to. I  was still working, a lot, and could barely get through my work on the computer, let alone sit here for a few hours for fun. Sitting hurt. My ribs and back hurt. I loved being pregnant, so, so much, minus all the annoying pain that started at 19 weeks and didn't go away until October 20th.

I still took photos through the rest of my pregnancy, but not like I wanted to. Most were on my iPhone. I didn't have the time or energy for weekly photoshoots like I had really wanted to do. I am disappointed.

I knew one thing that I had to do though, and that was have a maternity session. And I knew I wanted it to be with Wendy Alana. We had met a few years ago, over a blog while we were both planning our weddings. Wendy quit her boring desk job and became a photographer after we met. A damn good one. This was the very first time we actually got to meet in person. I always had envisioned what I wanted my maternity photos to look like. Mercedes and I styled everything and Wendy and her husband Michael made it come to life.



  1. Nat...you know how much that session meant to me and still remains an epic moment in my life to have my photography idol in front of my camera. I will cherish these photos and memories forever. Thank you so much for the link. Love you!!! xoxo


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