bright sunshiny day

Monday, 29 April 2013

This post is inspired by one of my favourite songs. Not favourite because it has the hippest beat, or was sung by a super cool singer, but becuase it brings back THE BEST memories. Memories of my mom, sisters and I rocking out in our living room. Dancing and singing all day long. Like pros. 

Do any of you know Holly Cole? Probably not. She's a Canadian Jazz singer from the 90's. My mom was kind of obsessed with her. So I guess we were too. The most memorable song, and my personal fav is 'I Can See Clearly Now.' Well, you might actually know this song, because it was sung by Johnny Nash and Jimmy Cliff, both who have around 3million views on YouTube, and Holly Cole has about 38 thousand. So, anyways, it's a really good one, and kind of summed up this past weekend.

As any of you who follow me on Instagram might know, I live in Ottawa, Canada, and the weather here has been TERRIBLE. Like, where the hell is Spring?  So finally, yesterday it was warm enough to bust out the MK sandals, and a skirt, and a tshirt. And the sun was shining. It was some kinda miracle. 

So I took Dolly outside, played with Piper, we went for a walk and then hung out in my parents backyard. It was glorious. 
After our walk, some bear fell asleep.

 Piper loves a good game of fetch. Unfortunatlely, she hasn't figured out the whole, 'drop it' part. So you basically have to pull it out of her mouth. Super fun for her, not so much for me.

She does this run and lunge into your hand move, it's pretty funny.  

 When Dolly woke up,  we played on the grass for a bit...
 Super serious faces
 Her new sticking out her tongue move is kinda cute, eh.
'This hat is super cute, but I look funny, right?'
Ok mom, that is enough with the photos for one day, thanks.

So then I decided to pretend to be a fashion blogger and get hubs to take photos of me looking cute.
And he was all 'do you really need more photos of yourself?
And I was all, 'ya, now I'm going to take some selfies, because that's my thing'
Luckily my mom has a mirror in her backyard, so I didn't have to get out the tripod. 

And then we had a delicious Sunday meal, like we always do. It really was a great day. 

xoxo Nat


  1. Love this.. Just discovered your blog. Your daughter is adorable..

  2. Hahaha my husband would say the same thing to me!! You ladies are beautiful. And I love her stroller. What brand is it?!?

  3. Yay for spring! So glad the weather is turning around for you. Looked liked a beautiful day for you guys.


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