Thursday, 13 March 2014

I've been contemplating this post for quite some time. I never seem to properly put into words how I feel about Instagram, so I have written this post a few times and not published a thing. I am going to leave it less wordy than I originally thought, because let's face it, I have a million things to say but I don't want to bore everyone to pieces.

I joined Instagram on May 19, 2011, the day that I got my first iPhone. That is almost 3 years ago. Back then, it was simple. You posted a photo, you got a handful of likes, a few comments, made some new friends and went on with your day. I got on the "Popular Page" a dozen times, made some more friends, took some more selfies and went on with my day. Today however, it is a whole different story. Instagram has sucked me in, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me hard into it's world. And at the same time, I have Ellia, grabbing my finger and wanting me to go get her a yogurt out of the fridge, take her upstairs or go into her playroom and change her baby's diaper.

I often think about what it was like for my mom, raising me as a first child. No cell phone or computer. No Facebook, Pinterest, or blogs to look at. No Instagram. More often than not these days I wish that I could have raised Ellia during this time. No electronic distraction. No looking at my phone every 10 minutes. No living in a world where everyone's life is on display for hundreds/thousands or even millions to see. No comparing yourself,  your child's wardrobe choice, your daily life happenings,  or how crafty you are. And then I think to myself, this is my choice. 100% mine. And I realize the real reason that I am so obsessed with Instagram is because I have been able to capture these little tiny moments, and the big ones too. I have 2,223 photos of my life story to prove it. I've heard people say that Instagram isn't real life, it's all fake, it's deceiving and portrays everyone to have these perfect pretty little lives. I can only speak for myself when I say that Instagram is my real life, I just show what I want of it. I don't show you that I currently have a sleeping bag in place of a duvet on my bed, the dishes that are usually piled in the sink because we don't have a dishwasher yet, or all of my chairs turned upside down because Ellia is a little crazy lady and likes to climb onto the counter and mess shit up or even worse could really hurt herself (think grabbing knives out of the knife block).  I show the things that I love to do, things that I would STILL do even if Instagram wasn't around. I would do daily arts and crafts, bake pretty treats, dress Ellia in clothes everyday, buy flowers, decorate my home, and throw outrageously decorated and huge parties. Because that is who I am, Instagram or not. And here's the best part about it, I have met some really incredible people. I have found some insanely talented photographers, inspiring women, super rad dudes and ladies I want to be friends with, amazing moms and loads of daily gorgeousness. I have also been given a ton of really great opportunities solely through IG that I am extremely grateful for. I once was in our local mall and a very sweet chick with some babies came up to me in the Gap and was all, are you Nat Spencer, I follow you on Instagram. Turns out she is an insanely talented photographer, mama to 3 and I, of course knew who she was. We ended up meeting up and I talk to her every now and then. It's memories like this that make me realize that Instagram does have a happy place and purpose in my life. I do however, think I need to unplug a little more often, put my phone down (I actually let it die sometimes and don't charge it for hours on purpose) and work on those real life moments that don't need to be documented.

And now, for my own reassurance of how awesome Instagram really story, the very condensed version...

 First Instagram photo. That dog now lives in Ellia's bedroom
 First home hubs built for us
 one of many California trips with my girls
 first popular page
 traveled Europe
 made a cake for my friend's wedding
my first baby passed away
 became an aunt
best friend got engaged
 experimented with iPhone only selfies
 having a BABY...first bump photo, 12 weeks
 it's a GIRL
 got a new dog Piper
had a sweet baby shower

 got a HUGE belly
 had a baby girl
took a weekly photo of her
 took some more selfies
 had lots of photoshoots
 she turned 6 months
 went to California and met up with lovely Instagram ladies
hubs built us another home 
 she turned ONE
and we threw her a pretty awesome party
 hubs and I went to Mexico alone
we gave Ellia a big girl room makeover 
and hey, it's just me.

Thanks for following along and reading my random Instagram rant, love you guys!



  1. You pretty much just said everything I think about Instagram myself. (Except you have the best glamorous and most perfect photos in my eyes) but everything else is so true. Instagram or not this is who I am and what I love to do. Well written post, love it and I can relate to your thoughts especially about meeting wonderful mamas who are so Inspiring and amazing.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. But I love your photos and getting a peek into your gorgeous life :)

  3. Hi there! Nice stuff, do keep me posted when you post again something like this!
    instagram shoutouts


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