darling and daisy - a little 'meet the girls' video

Thursday, 14 November 2013

I am fully aware of my terrible blogger status. So many things I want to blog, so little hours in a day. My extra moments are spent editing and working, although I have sent off my last wedding yesterday! Now just a bunch of extra cute babies and a few more sessions before the holidays and I am taking a nice work break :) 

Another thing that has been occupying my time, and by time I mean Friday nights and weekends when I am not working,  is our Darling and Daisy website. I am SO NOT a web/graphic designer, even though my sister and I like to pretend we are. This past weekend she came home to visit work and finish the D&D website. Well it's not quite done yet, but we did put together a cute little styled shoot and a promo video. Check out my awesome super shaky videography debut. Mercedes is becoming a videography master in the shooting and editing depatment, she did it all...I just played around and took direction. How cute is our mom, though? 


  1. Absolutely love it!! It's feels so nostalgic for some reason and your mom is beautiful! :)


  2. Lovely! No wonder you and your sisters are so beautiful...your mom is gorgeous!

  3. You girls are like live strawberry glittery sweetness!!! Seriously adorable.


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