Coffee Filter Flower Backdrop

Saturday, 17 January 2015

This year I decided to offer a Valentine's Day Boudoir Special! I would typically do children mini sessions, and as much as I love, love working with kids, duh, I love, love working with beautiful ladies too! I really adore boudoir sessions. Women are so gorgeous, each and every one, no matter their size, or length of hair. Boudoir sessions are special to me because each lady is trusting me in a pretty vulnerable and exposed state. Most ladies are pretty shy for the first little while, and by the end are seriously rocking the camera, it's such a fabulous thing to experience. I don't often post boudoir images, for obvious reasons. They are private. Most likely for a boyfriend or husband. I decided to make a pretty little backdrop, and found some coffee filter flower tutorials online. I couldn't find one that I loved and was perfect for what I needed, so I improvised and I think they came out pretty darling!

Instructions for Coffee Filter Flowers


Coffee Filters

Optional, if making a backdrop or sticking on wall
Circle punch (can cut by hand)
White sticky stuff to attach to wall, found at dollarstore (no idea what it's called)
Glue Gun

I also dyed the insides of some flowers pink. I used Petal Pink RIT dye, mixed with hot water and just simple dipped the middles in, and turned right side up to dry. 


1.  I used 6 filters for each flower. You can use more, or less, and I found some tutorials that used different sizes, but I wanted to make it easy so I just went with 6. 

2. Take all 6 filters, fold in half and then in half again.

3. Cut a scalloped edge.

4.  Open up your scalloped filters.

5. Pinch middle bottom of all the filters, creating a little crease.

6. Staple together.

7. Open and lay your filters flat again. Now take the top layer and bring to the center. Make sure to keep the it ruffled. Keep doing this for all 6 filters.

 8. Holding the completed flower in your hand, turn over and pinch the bottom. 

9. Wrap a piece of tape tightly around the pinched spot. 

10. Cut out or punch a circle from your cardstock. Using a hot glue gun, place a little dab of glue in the middle of the paper, and place and hold the flower to it until glue dries, a few seconds. 

11. Put a piece of sticky white stuff on it, and attach to wall! I've had good luck with this stuff, stays up well and doesn't leave mark. A trick for getting it off is too use a bigger piece of it and push onto the spot where it stuck on the wall and then it should all come off together!

And voila, you're done! Super easy and would be cute for a little Valentine's Day display, a baby or bridal shower, or just a little Spring installation somewhere in your home! You could also omit the paper backing and attach a piece of wire to make them into a bouquet if you want!

Would love to see if you guys make these flowers and how you use them!!

Thanks to Katie for doing an excellent hand modeling job, as per usual :)

xox nat


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