Christmas 2014 in Photos

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Whew, Christmas has come and gone once again. How did that happen so quickly? We had a lovely few days, which consisted of lots of family, food and traveling around. It's always so busy, this time of year, but Ellia had a great time of course.

I am going to keep it simple as I always do for big holidays, photo dump all my images here and leave it at that.

All of the festivities start on the 23rd. It is my Grandma Nata's birthday that day and every year my grandmas, and great aunt make something we Southern Italian's call "pitti." They are basically bread, that is made with potatoes and deep fried. I literally wait all year for this day, it is one of my favourite things.  We then traveled to Morrisburg to have dinner with Lucas' Mom's side of the family. That evening we went back to Brockville to sleep at his parents place and open presents with her cousins on Christmas Eve morning. We then went back to Morrisburg for the annual family skate, which was so much fun! Ellia was not sure sure about the whole skating party, and daddy pretty much held her the whole time.

I love giving cookies at Christmas! I am obsessed with the gingerbread Mercedes and I made this year! These deer are probably my favourite ever.
Foggiest day EVER!

On Christmas Eve, it is my families big dinner. My aunt & uncle hosted this year and of course I forgot my camera :/ So I only took like 4 photos on my iPhone because it was madness there, ha.

Ellia's two favourites right there.

On Christmas morning we had some of my family cover over to open presents. We did have the trampoline that Santa, hm I mean my parents bought her all set up and she was so excited! We also let her open a few gifts to keep her busy until everyone arrived.  Seeing her precious face and how excited she was, was literally the best part. Then my in-laws came over and gave us our gifts and pretty much every had a nap except for us, shocking. We then went to my Grandparents for dinner and board games. Having my sister & her boyfriend here for the week was so great. Even though it was a very, very full house.

On Boxing Day we go to Tweed to have dinner and visit with Lucas' Dad's side of the family. Ellia really got spoiled with gifts, as I'm sure most 2 year old's do!

I hope that you all had the most amazing Holiday with your family & friends!

xox nat

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