Tuesday, 10 June 2014

May was a crazy month. It was packed with super happy moments, and very disappointing ones. I am taking the summer off from most work other than 2 more weddings and a few shoots here and there to focus on my family and myself. I have been feeling quite under the weather lately (which is annoying because it's finally beautiful out here) and I am really trying to get back to feeling like myself again.
June is a fresh start, I am ready for it.

Hubs and Ellia made me breakfast in bed. YUM
Finally finished Ellia's nursery and took photos for Mini Style Blog feature!
Had friends over for Fajitas.
Grandma made homemade bread. 
Tacos for Lucas and I.
Bowling with my girls and their boys. 
 I love, love when the lilacs are in bloom! My grandparents have such wonderful gardens, makes me so happy!
xox nat

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like you had a lot of great times in May!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal


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