Ellia's Christmas Tree

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ellia is so in love with all things Christmas this year! My parents bought her a little white tree and I set it all up for her to decorate. Like everything she does these days, she was super excited, went all out for about 5 minutes and then declares, "done, mama, done" pulled off her skirt and walked out of the room. She wants me to keep it on for her every night too, so I always sneak in after she's asleep, take a few minutes to look at her adorable sleeping self and then turn the tree lights off and sneak back out.

Pink cross blanket: Spearment Love
Crib bedding & quilt: Two Little Fish
Headband Uashmama paper bag: Ella+Issa
Large dreamcatcher: Chasing Dreams

xox nat

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