let it snow

Friday, 21 November 2014

Winter is coming real fast around here. The temperatures are below zero, and we already have snow. I don't like it. However, it is damn pretty. As I was uploading images to my new website, I came across these that I forgot about and never posted anywhere, other than a few on Facebook and Instagram.

I guess some pretty, snowy photoshoots are something to look forward to over the doom and gloom months that are Winter in Ottawa. (I'm trying to be positive here, glass half full kinda thing)

Mercedes inherited this coat from our grandmother, she doesn't wear it anymore and wanted her to have it. So as soon as it started snowing, we ran down to the pond by my other grandparents house and took some photos. It was reallllly cold, like -25, but it was totally worth it.

 xox nat

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  1. I'm sorry but canada looks way more magical than Cali but that's just me!


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