A Sunday in Brockville

Thursday, 16 May 2013

We decided to take a little trip to Brockville, and boy, was it a hot one. Finally. Ellia loved spending time with her grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin Dane!

Brockville boarders the US, it is such a pretty little town.

One of my favourite houses that backs onto the water.
 Bridge to the US
As we were driving home, I asked Lucas to make a quick stop when I spotted the most perfect reflection on the water. Isn't it so magical when that happens!?

 I love these little outings with my wonderful little family.


  1. Your photos are so beautiful. Can't wait to see the ones when you go to California and meet Danielle and Berlyn!! She and Ellia will be the cutest little friends. :)

  2. These are beautiful! Ellia is growing up to be such a pretty little lady :)

  3. Ellia makes the best baby model!! Lovely - thanks! :)

  4. I am so happy it is warm there finally!! Love seeing your fun adventures and little E just melts my heart!!

  5. aww your little girl is adorable! congratulations again! and yay to warm weather- we can finally enjoy! there are many pretty towns nearby, especially along lake ontario.

  6. Can't believe I just found your blog!! You ladies are too cute!!



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